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How might we help new caregivers adapt to their role by integrating their caregiving responsibilities into their lifestyles?

Formative Research

To start, we wanted to understand medical adherence in relation to insurance providers, pharmacist, and patients. 

  • Literature Review

  • Stakeholders, Expert and  User Interviews

User Needs Development

We focused our inquiry on understanding the caregiver's role and their effect on medical adherence for the patience. 

  • Cultural Probes

  • Online Ethnography

Prototype Development and Analysis 

After brainstorming and evaluating the potential in our ideas came wireframing and embodying an interaction designed to improve the caregiver's confidence and accuracy when managing medication. 

  • Ideation Sketches

  • Six Thinking Hats Analysis 

  • Wireframes

  • Physical Prototype

Evaluation Research 

  • Usability Testing 

Case study write up coming soon.

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