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Hi! I'm Tiffanie.

I am a UX professional and recent graduate of the Human Computer Interaction + Design Master's Program at the University of Washington. I have a background in research that has equipped me with a toolkit of mixed methods derived from the fields of human-computer interaction, learning science and human development. 


I started my journey of design in education design which afforded me 10 years of experience problem-solving and applying creative thinking working as a high school teacher and special education administrator in International and Urban K-12 schools.


I’m interested in accessibility, social equity, and exploring how technology can be transformative in education. Ultimately, I’m passionate about the development of technology designed to meet the diverse needs of our human collective.


For fun, I love live music and board games. For food, I love enchiladas and pancakes. Ahh, and for fitness, I love tennis, jogging, and rollerblading.


I’m actively seeking a full-time position in UX Design/Research.

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