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I am a personable and insightful qualitative user experience researcher driven to understand user problems and identify product solutions. Now, let me tell you how I got here…


Between the ages of 6 and 18 I attended over 9 schools. Born to a teenage mom who moved from place to place to get her education and better our lives, I routinely had to not only make new friends, but adapt to new methods of teaching and learning. I’ve always thought that there must be better ways to help kids like me and others facing challenges due to their unique circumstances. 


This passion initially led me to a career in education. I was a special education professional and eventually researched and designed special education programs, both domestically and internationally. Through my experience, I came to believe that technology could be transformative: I became passionate about learning how technology is created and how it is designed to impact peoples’ lives, especially those facing challenges. I pursued this passion by obtaining a Masters's in Human-Computer Interaction & Design at the University of Washington. 

I am now working at Google in its Artificial Intelligence User Experience (AIUX) Research Group where I conduct foundational and evaluative research in the areas of language, accessibility, and responsible artificial intelligence. 

Explore my portfolio and reach out - I'd love for us to connect

Building a scientific instrument using Arduino to investigate thermal conductivity of metal, wood, and plastic. 


A web-based knowledge community for parents with  sensory needs 

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A life-style integration mobile app for new non-professional caregivers. 


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