During the past 10 years I used mix methods research to inform, design, and deliver education solutions, including programs, projects and individualized learning plans. My fervor for learning drives my interest in exploring how technology can be transformative in education. In August 2019, I earned a Master's in Human Computer Interaction + Design from the University of Washington where I studied human behavior and honed the analytical techniques of research necessary to understand how people use, interact, and experience technology.  These experiences have strengthened my ability to carryout high quality research, both generative and evaluative. I also practiced design and prototyping methods that enabled me to rapidly refine ideas. I hope you enjoy my website, which highlights some of my work. 

Building a scientific instrument using Arduino to investigate thermal conductivity of metal, wood, and plastic. 


A web-based knowledge community for parents with  sensory needs 

A life-style integration mobile app for new non-professional caregivers.