Tiffanie Horne
Tiffanie Horne
education enthusiast. facilitates: inquiry, action, and reflection.

Applying My Passion To

User Experience Research

Case Study 

Designed, implemented and evaluated education programs in order to provide personalized learning experiences for students with uncommon learning profiles.  


User research: Defining the strategic vision anchored and optimized the process and provided a platform to scale the program to even more departments. Maintaining aim to keep the team focused on the end user's needs, problems, and context. I then facilitated interviews, writing surveys, and shadowed various end users.

Strategic Planning and Execution:  I used post it notes and chart paper and finally google docs to facilitate the translation of complex ideas into manageable next steps. I developed a workflow timeline to implement small and large student service delivery models. Utilizing a milestone cross-reference system to ensure the alignment of overall program objectives. 


New Process Development: A goal of mine was to increase collaboration and communication between three different content subject departments; the Science Department, Math Department and History Department. I implemented a formal instructional design review, created best practices around documentation and specification, encouraged the team to use the co-developed model and insisted on using dry erase boards while talking through problems. This approach reiterated our purpose established a nonhierarchical structure and promoted equity which increased engagement.